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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

by Trudy Thomas, excerpt from the Gazette's Life section

The Red Baron?
Cari Pemberton's husband, Rod, is a huge fan of country music. When he learned that Hank Williams Jr. had been nicknamed Bocephus by Hank Sr., he knew that someday he would have a dog with the same name.The Pembertons have owned their 4-year-old yellow Labrador, Bocephus, or "Bo," since he was a pup. A bird dog, Bo was born and bred at Eichhorn Kennels in Calhan.Bo's parents are registered champions with the American Kennel Club. His father, Kacey's Cuban Cigar, is a certified pedigree and senior hunter. His mother, Black Forest No Biz Like Show Biz, or "Norma," was thought to be named for film legend Marilyn Monroe. Bo, who once tipped the scales at 103 pounds, lives with the Pembertons, their 12- and 6-year-old daughters, and two cats.Cari Pemberton, a native Coloradan, says that even though Bo outweighs the cats several times over, he's not the boss. Spike, the cat they've owned the longest, rules the roost."Spike is the patriarch," she said. "Bo knows he has to have permission to get on the couch. But if Spike is there, he's afraid to get up because he's not sure Spike will like it."Even though he's afraid of a cat, Bo's a physical kind of guy. He loves to swim, and there's nothing he likes better than to "fetch up" the morning newspaper.Also impressive is Bo's ability to do tricks. He can roll over, or when asked, give a high-five - to the right or the left.For the photo competition, Bo is dressed in goggles and a flight jacket with a Fort Carson Ghostriders emblem on the sleeve. He's doing what looks to be his best Snoopy and the Red Baron imitation. "We've had a lot of fun with that picture," Pemberton said. "It's been on our Christmas newsletter."
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Monday, October 20, 2008

Getting involved

Whatever your beliefs, it is important to make time to support them by saying "no" to demands on your time that are not in keeping with your mission and goals.
Today, I was up at 4:59a.m. after a night of little sleep (it didn't help that our alarm clock which displays the temperature in the garage read 64.1 at 1:49a.m. - my dear husband woke me up, thinking I had overslept!). The weather was cool and cloudy, but that didn't stop several thousand of Sarah Palin's supporters from turning out for a rally at what locals call Sky Sox Stadium, about two miles from my home. I met up with a friend from church and two of her houseguests, visitors from Wisconsin.
A fun surprise for me was the performance by Hank Williams, Jr., aka Bocephus (yes, the reason our dog is named the same). I only wish my husband could have been there for his rendition of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line" and his a capella version of the national anthem.
Accompanying Gov. Palin was Alaska's "First Dude" and two of their daughters. Turned out, they stayed at the Marriott last night and even stopped for an ice cream, baby boy in tow, at the same parlor where Bethany held her birthday a couple years ago.
After a well-rounded speech on the McCain/Palin platform punctuated by enthusiastic cheers, the rain held off just long enough to get most of us out of the stadium.
So, get out there and share truth about your candidate of choice. If you don't know which candidate or ballot issues to support, it's not too late to get educated. As the saying goes, if you don't vote, don't complain!

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